The Tilt-Up construction services delivered by Citadel Contractors offer many advantages over more traditional construction methods. Ultimately, these advantages lead to a shortened delivery schedule and cost savings for our clients. This is why at least 10,000 Tilt-Up buildings enclosing over 650 million square feet are constructed each year.

Tilt-Up Construction is Your Best Choice for a Wide Array of Commercial Structures for the Following Reasons:

Expedited Delivery: Tilt-Up projects are able to be delivered two to four months faster than structures built with more traditional construction methods. Load-bearing concrete wall panels are poured horizontally on site and then lifted into place in a highly-efficient sequence. Because concrete floor slabs are poured first, other tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians can get to work earlier in the process. That enables clients to occupy their new buildings faster, which saves money.

Lower Construction Costs: In construction, time is money. With Tilt-Up, scheduling is more predictable and efficient, resulting in long-term savings and a faster return on investment. You will save through on-site fabrication and the use of local materials and labor. Tilt-Up also requires fewer skilled laborers, and construction is less affected by adverse weather because the concrete floor slab is poured earlier in the process.

Design Innovation: We continually find new ways to build the best-engineered structures in the business. Our Design-Build project delivery system overlaps the design and construction phases of our projects, which allows for flexibility within the design should problems arise during construction. Also, our use of computer design aids streamlines planning and facilitates the consideration of more variables, which enables innovation and adaptability of project plans.

Design and Aesthetic Flexibility: Concrete is a highly-versatile building material that allows for extensive design, layout, and functionality options. Large concrete panels lend themselves to a variety of decorative treatments including cast-in textures such as wood grain, stonework, brick, striations, and fractured fin. Textured paints of all colors can also be added, as well as exposed aggregate, mechanical tooling, and a range of three-dimensional effects.

Lower Operating Costs: Tilt-Up buildings offer savings on heating, air conditioning, and maintenance. Concrete’s inherent thermal mass makes it a great insulator on its own, and there are a range of options for built-in insulation and lightweight interior insulation. Your insurance premiums will also be lower due to better security, greater ability to withstand wind storms, and fire resistance.

Durability: Tilt-Up buildings are resistant to fire, wind, hurricanes, earthquakes, and moisture. Concrete walls are impenetrable to rodents, insects, and even the most determined humans. In fact, there are Tilt-Up concrete structures that were built as early as 1906 which are still in use today.

Sound Control: Tilt-Up takes advantage of concrete’s natural sound-absorbing properties, making it an excellent choice for schools, offices, movie theaters, and other buildings which need good sound isolation.

LEED Credits: Tilt-Up buildings can earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Credits.

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