At Citadel Contractors, our experience with Tilt-Up construction has given us the expertise needed to deliver precise, consistent, and premier-quality contracting services for any variety of Tilt-Up construction project. With expert designers, planners, supervisors, project managers, engineers, contractors, and support staff, Citadel is perfectly equipped to fulfill all of your Tilt-Up requirements.

Citadel Contractors Guide You Through the Tilt-Up Construction Process

Over time, Citadel has refined the process for completing Tilt-Up projects with innovations leading to shorter construction timetables as well as cost savings. Here is how it works:

  • Planning
  • Foundations
  • Flat Floor Slabs
  • Construct Panels
  • Relief and/or Other Features
  • Reinforcing
  • Place and Finish Concrete
  • Panel Erection
  • Structural Steel Erection

View our process in action!