We are proud to deliver comprehensive Design-Build services to all of our Tilt-Up construction projects throughout the Southeast. The Design-Build system makes us the single point of responsibility and contact, facilitating communication and helping us provide peace of mind for our clients. At Citadel, every building is designed with the developer’s style, requirements, schedule, and budget in mind.

Citadel Contractors Delivers Design-Build Construction Services to Clients Throughout the Southeast

Our unified team of architects, engineers, and contractors will work closely with you, tailoring their expert services to the unique needs of your project. The use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) enhances collaboration and communication throughout the design and construction of your project. BIM facilitates the design process, allowing multiple disciplines to coordinate and resolve conflicts quickly, which streamlines the delivery of your project. This leads to many advantages over traditional design and construction hierarchies, including:

  • Minimized risk for clients because we are responsible for the entire project from start to finish
  • Easy communication with clients because we are a single entity
  • Overlapping design and construction phases for shortened overall construction schedules
  • Overlapped design and construction phases also allows for flexibility in design should an issue arise during construction
  • Greater possibility for innovation because designers and contractors collaborate

The Design-Build model allows us at Citadel to design every piece of your project with your style, requirements, schedule, and budget in mind. We are fully confident that our system will prove to be the ideal way for us to serve all of your design and construction requirements.

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Citadel Contractors is an experienced leader in Tilt-Up construction providing high quality building, on-time scheduling, and cost-effective construction methods for clients throughout the Southeast.