Both Tilt-Up construction methods as well as Design-Build services contribute to our ability at Citadel to deliver significant time savings to every one of our clients. Compared with more traditional building methods, Citadel’s Tilt-Up construction will yield a complete structure as many as 8 weeks faster.

Rely on Citadel Construction’s Tilt-Up Expertise and Design-Build Services to Save You Time

With Tilt-Up construction, you enjoy compression of disciplines, meaning multiple phases of construction can be completed simultaneously. The entire plan for wall panel erection is designed for efficiency and speed. Ultimately, you will be able to occupy your new building 8 weeks earlier than you would with a more traditionally-built structure.

Citadel’s Design-Build services are set up to streamline the entire process from planning through completion of construction. Having the entire project design, supervision, planning, and contracting team under one roof makes us a single point of contact for our clients. This means less time spent in communication and fewer opportunities for breakdowns in communication. The results are a greatly expedited project delivery timeline, meaning significant savings for our clients.

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Citadel Contractors is an experienced leader in Tilt-Up construction providing high quality building, on-time scheduling, and cost-effective construction methods for clients throughout the Southeast.