At Citadel Contractors, we utilize Tilt-Up construction along with our Design-Build project delivery model to provide distinct budgetary savings for all of our clients. Citadel’s Tilt-Up construction results in a larger, more aesthetically-unrestricted structure at a lower price point than those built using more traditional design and construction techniques.

Choose Citadel Construction’s Design Build Services and Tilt-Up Experience for Significant Cost Savings

There are many ways in which Tilt-Up construction saves money. Greater job-site efficiency means a smaller workforce, which results in fewer man hours. The use of locally-sourced materials cuts lead times and reduces shipping costs, facilitating positive cash flow. Weather has less effect on Tilt-Up projects when compared with more traditional construction methods, and a shorter construction cycle inhibits cost run-ups. All told, Tilt-Up results in durable structures that cost less than traditionally-constructed buildings.

As a Design-Build contractor, Citadel’s project delivery model is designed to streamline the whole design and construction process. Our staff includes everyone who works on our projects from start to finish, including designers, planners, engineers, project managers, supervisors, contractors, and support staff. Having everyone under one roof fosters collaboration, stimulates innovation, and ultimately reduces the number of errors we make. Because we overlap the design and construction phases of our projects, we enjoy a greater flexibility in design should a problem arise in construction. This also improves efficiency, which saves money. Our clients spend less money in planning because they do not have to pay to produce a full set of biddable construction documents. Finally, our clients assume far less financial and legal risk under our Design-Build system because we take responsibility for the entire project rather than the client being stuck between disparate design and contracting entities.

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Citadel Contractors is an experienced leader in Tilt-Up construction providing high quality building, on-time scheduling, and cost-effective construction methods for clients throughout the Southeast.