Tilt-Up Construction offers many features and benefits that stem from its inherent design possibilities, construction methods, and use of concrete. Ultimately, there are many aspects to Tilt-Up that save you both time and money in construction and throughout the life of your building.

Enjoy the Many Features and Benefits Associated with Citadel Contractors’ Tilt-Up Construction, Including:

  • Quality
    • Tilt-Up’s hard wall exterior adds quality to your project for years to come. When comparing life-cycle costs of wall systems, Tilt-Up’s durability and longevity ensures your value.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    • With reduced labor costs, fewer manufactured parts, and locally-sourced materials, Tilt-Up can provide more value with lower cost.
  • Durability and Security
    • Tilt-Up maintenance is negligible. The concrete wall system is fire resistant, impervious to pests, and provides a secure, safe environment, which also leads to lower insurance premiums.
  • Energy Efficiency
    • The mass of the concrete wall systems, combined with Tilt-Up’s proven air barrier capabilities, delivers reduced heating and cooling costs. When insulated Tilt-Up systems are considered, other wall assemblies can’t compare.
  • Fast Project Delivery
    • Design-Build Flexibility
    • Overlapping Design and Construction Phases
    • Efficiency
    • Earlier Occupancy
  • Opportunity for Innovation
    • Computer-Aided Design
    • Concrete is a Versatile and Adaptable Building Material
  • Endless Aesthetic Options
    • Building Layouts Not Limited to Simple Rectangles
    • A Huge Variety of Exterior Surface Treatments Available
  • Safety During Construction
    • 90% of Work Takes Place on the Ground

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Citadel Contractors is an experienced leader in Tilt-Up construction providing high quality building, on-time scheduling, and cost-effective construction methods for clients throughout the Southeast.